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The Cutting Edge Technology of Dynamic Glass

The Cutting Edge Technology of Dynamic Glass

As the saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a great first impression.” Your facility or storefront tells a story every time a client, patient or potential customer enters the property.  Are they impressed? Does the building represent your company well? Does it convey an environment of excellence, reliability, and success?

At SunBelt Glass, we’re committed to providing exceptional workmanship, products and services that will address your client’s needs. We understand that design should deliver aesthetically pleasing spaces that also offer the latest technology and solutions.

One of the most exciting products that SunBelt has recently incorporated into several building projects is dynamic glass from Sage. This innovative technology inspires a new way of thinking about how to use glass and offers several benefits for both the builder and individual:

  1. Occupant Comfort – allows daylight and views of the outdoors that increases productivity. Individuals can enjoy natural light yet also have the ability to dial the tint of the glass up or down. This function maximizes comfort while reducing glare, so there’s never a moment when one’s computer screen is obscured. Also, dynamic glass can block 98% of the sun’s rays that cause fading of furniture, carpets and artwork. 
  2. Outdoor Connection – ensures there’s no need for blinds or shades while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Studies also show that natural light increases employee productivity and has many other wellness benefits such as increased creativity, clarity of thought, and better sleep patterns at night. 
  3. Sustainability – dynamic glass has proven energy benefits that equal significant savings over the course of a building’s life and can reduce energy loads overall. There is less of a demand on the HVAC system and a reduction in the building’s carbon footprint. 
  4. Design possibilities – there is flexibility for architects by allowing the benefits of glass and natural light without the interference of window or wall coverings. Shapes, sizes, colors, and durability are all up for discussion. 

Dynamic glass has been used around the world and is considered a leader in electrochromic glass technology. Sunbelt Glass has been in business over 20 years with projects ranging from healthcare facilities, educational institutions, office buildings, top retailers, and small businesses. For more information on dynamic glass and other groundbreaking design possibilities, please click here.

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